PREVIEW: Tycho @ Echostage 5/7

If you look at Tycho’s last three album covers, you might notice they appear to pair with one another, like a mini art series. Combined with the music on these albums, these three albums, Dive, Awake and Epoch melt seamlessly into one another, as if they were designed to.

That is in fact, precisely what was intended. Graphic Designer, Producer and now electronic music superstar Scott Hansen created these three albums as a musical trilogy of sorts, with Dive released in 2011, Awake in 2014, and Epoch in 2016.

With Epoch nominated for a Grammy in December of last year, this ambitious and sweeping audiovisual project is reaching new heights and international fame and recognition. It makes sense then, that Tycho will be headlining the cavernous Echostage in DC this coming Sunday. We expect the venue to be jam-packed, if not sold out by then. 


Photo Credit: Tycho

It is nearly impossible to simply attribute one genre or style of music to Tycho. It is a musical tour de force that pulls the best from electronic music, live instrumentation, and simple motifs that cast a sense of timelessness over oneself when listening to the music.

It is the perfect combination of dreamy and focused, relaxed and energetic, simple and complex. If Tycho’s studio music pulls you into a trance, their live performance will take you to a completely different level. Imagine watching a band perform to technical perfection, creating a complex and expansive musical landscape that surrounds and envelops you while they stand before you.

This is what a live performance from Tycho is. While the project’s studio tracks are incredible, watching a full band paint these sounds in front of you adds an alluring dimension to the music.

If you were on the fence about going to see just another electronic musician perform at yet another EDM venue, think again. This is a live experience like no other, and we are incredibly excited to watch it as it unfolds in all of its beauty. Tickets are still on sale, but not for much longer. Get yours before they’re gone. 

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