PREVIEW: Aurora @ 930 Club (on Halloween!)

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Aurora Aksnes was just 16 years old when she released her first track, “Puppet.” Four years later, the 20 year old Norwegian singer-songwriter now known mononymously as Aurora, is headlining one of the most prestigious venues in North America, the 930 Club. Perhaps best of all? The dark-pop singer is performing on Halloween. There could not be a more fitting act to headline the 930 Club on Halloween, with her haunting and beautiful lyrics and minimalist musical style.

Aksnes is a talented songwriter, writing her first melodies when she was just six years old and singing her first lyrics at age nine. She has also released two short films about her background and her motivations as a musicians, featuring stunning cinematography and her native home of Bergen, Norway. She starts her most recent mini “auto-documentary” saying that she is “making this video because I’m afraid of what might happen. I might not be here tomorrow or the day after, so I want to make this video to keep the things that inspire me alive.”

Despite her fears, Aurora is most definitely here, and she’s kicking it. She released her first full-length album, “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” in March of 2016 after much buzz surrounding her multiple singles released since 2012. Directly after releasing her album, Aksnes said that it was “the first album of many” that she has planned for her listeners and followers.

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In her own words, “music is not something that you should keep for yourself. It can’t be put in a cage, because it’s wild and alive.”

This Monday night, Aurora will haunt your soul and give you the taste of true musical beauty, simplicity, and substance in her performance. She has risen to the top very quickly, and there is a very good musical reason for that. Expect a powerful performance from the rising Norwegian star.

That being said, if you’re planning on going to Aurora’s show this Halloween, make sure to dress up in your best costume attire, because the 930 Club is hosting a costume contest at the show, and is giving away tickets to EVERY 9:30 show for the REST of 2016. Get your tickets to Aurora at the 930 club here

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