An Interview with Mike Will Made-It

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Max: What’s up everybody, this is Max Blackman from You Know What It Is and we’re here with the one-and-only, super producer Mike Will Made-It! Mike, I’ve got a couple of questions for you. First off, it seems like every time you’re spotted out in public you’ve got a hat on. How many hats do you think you own?

Mike Will: I don’t know, I’m just rockin that “Free Gucci [Mane]” hat right now, Givenchy shirts or Coogi shirts and…..”Free Gucci” hats right now.

Max: Word, free Gucci, I’m with you on that. Another quick question for you, your classic Mike Will Made-It drop with the female voice, how did you come up with that idea? Did you reach out to somebody or how did that come together?

Mike Will: I was just in the studio with my sister Asia, that’s like my sister, or my homegirl and we were in the studio and I told her “yo, say my name 10 times right quick, I’m gonna try to use this as a tag” and she did it. And I didn’t even really like it at first and then I f***ed with it a little bit, added some effects to it because it sounded too heavy at first, but when I screwed down and made it I liked it for some reason and I found a pocket for it to go in. And that s*** just started workin.

Max: Nice, makes sense, I think it helped your brand too a lot. Alright, one last question, I’ve heard some rumors about a potential tape coming out. I know you had at least the old “Est. in 1989” tapes and then you started coming out with “Been Trill” and “Ransom”, what can we expect moving forward from you?

Mike Will: Really a bunch of projects, I’ve been collecting music since 2013, so I’ve been stacking music up. I’ve got crossover projects, like John Legend, Fergie, Gwen Stefani and all types of different minded and types of different pop artists. And of course I got what I do best, the hip-hop s***, I’ve got all types of different s*** coming with the hip-hop s***. “Sremmlife 2”, Eearz to da Streets is out right now going crazy. We’re finishing up a situation with Yung Joey we’re about to drop his project, we’re about to drop Jace’s project, they all just ripped the stage right now. Sremmlife, I’m giving them a label deal. They got homies they’re putting on from Tupelo. Impxct just rocked the stage. They’re on tour right now. So really, what you can expect from me is going back to basics on the production side but at the same time doing my CEO thing too and really taking this music s*** back to the essence and for the ones that still are excited for the culture and excited for the music, doing it for them.

Max: Yeah, I get that. Shout out Yung Joey, shoutout Eearz, shout out Impxct and….shout out Jace, Two-9 and all of that. Thanks a lot Mike, I appreciate it and enjoy D.C.

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