Giraffage at U Street Music Hall (January 28, 2015)

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Giraffage killed it. He floated beautifully in front of colored lights and had one of the best dance floor power hour sets I’ve seen at U Hall. His playful grooves vibed with the electric energy surrounding the dance floor. His beats never get too trappy or too poppy; instead the find a happy balance in the middle. It’s just enough twinkle with just enough bass. He never delves too far into one specific sub genre but rather combines aspects of many to add cohesive variety to his set. While he of course plays his own originals, he mixes in bold and new remixes to remind where he started and where he’s grown. His staple R&B remixes never get old. Closing his set with his popular remix of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” was brilliant. My only note is that he ended his three song encore with Avicii’s “Levels”…

You know what was weird? He remixed “Who Let The Dogs Out”. Who does that! That’s both hilarious and also just speaks to the kind of DJ Girffage is. He also may have mixed some throwback Miley Cyrus into his set. While I am not a particular fan of nodding my head and moving my hips like yeah, I can see why it would be pleasing to those with, uh, different music taste.

I gauge a good show at U Hall by the amount of dancing I did. And that was a lot. So by my standards, Giraffage put on a pretty dope set.

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