What Is An Eternal Banger?

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Photo credit: author

While surfing the internet chillwaves the other day, I came across a song that somebody posted, which they had labelled as an “eternal banger.” Without giving much immediate thought to what an eternal banger might be, I found myself nodding along, thinking “yup, this is definitely it.” Later on, I began to think about what an eternal banger actually is. The pinnacle of the modern English language, Urban Dictionary, says that a banger is “If a Song is extremly tight or just unbelivably awesome. It is a banger.” Cool. Everyone can recognize when a song is a banger, but what distinguishes a regular banger from an eternal banger?

After contemplating this for a bit, I came to a few conclusions:

    1. Eternal bangers are subjective. In an ideal world, we would all be in agreement on what songs are eternal bangers and what songs aren’t, but alas, this is a very personal thing.
    2. I believe that bangers are inherently of a faster BPM, so to be considered an eternal banger, a song must be rather upbeat. This tends to work in the favor of electronic and dance songs, however, this is not confined to just one genre. See: “Dance, Dance”
    3. Many, but not all, eternal bangers have some sort of sentimental or nostalgic value, tying back into the subjectivity of an eternal banger. For example, “Like A G6” brings me back to my days in high school spent fooling around with my friends during track practice. That song went and will always go hard, and there are people out in the world who may disagree with me. That’s okay! That is all part of the fun of eternal bangers.
    4. While eternal bangers tend to be older songs, it is possible to recognize a current song as one that has the potential to be an eternal banger. A banger with longevity. See: Beyoncé by Beyoncé; anything Nicki Minaj has ever released.
    5. Trust your gut. If you think a song is an eternal banger, then it probably is! Some of the most iconic eternal bangers are eternal for a reason. See: “Now You’re Gone,” “Sandstorm.” 

– Lotanna Obodozie

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