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The Hamilton

600 14th Street NW



Image Courtesy of Gilt City


If you’ve been looking for a great venue to go by yourself for the first time, The Hamilton is it. I’ve been growing accustomed to solo trips as I continue my venue tour around DC, but if I had come to this venue first, it would have saved me a lot of anxiety later about going to other venues stag. The Hamilton is the perfect spot to just relax, soak in the music, and enjoy some great food.

First walking up to the venue, I wasn’t actually sure which door to enter, so I took my luck and tried the side door. Thankfully there was a sign pointing to the box office and from there, they were able to help me find my way around. Down these beautiful steps opened up to the main room, where people can reserve tables in the center to eat and watch at the same time. If you’re just there for the music or didn’t reserve a table in advance, the ushers point you to the side and back areas where the bars are located. If you’re early to the show, you’ll probably get lucky and score a seat with a perfect view of the stage. If not, you might have to lean to see around the industrial pillars scattered around the room.

Never in my life have I been to such a truly classy venue. Booking shows of almost every genre allows them to always have a great lineup of live performances. With the addition of being able to sit and eat while listening to good bands, The Hamilton might just very well be heaven on earth. Also, all of the employees are incredibly nice and very helpful. If you’re on the older side and don’t want to stand at a concert with a bunch of hyped up teenagers, go to The Hamilton. If you’re young and don’t want to deal with the same thing, go to The Hamilton. Everyone should just go to The Hamilton.

If you’re interested in booking a show, email them at

Upcoming Shows:

11/13: Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. Ron Holloway. Doors at 6:30. ($15-20)

11/14: Hot Rize. Todd Burge. Doors at 7. ($35-40)

11/15: Brass-A-Holics. Doors at 7. ($20-25)

11/16: Chuck Prophet& The Mission Express. John Murry. Doors at 6:30. ($17-20)

11/18: Will Hoge. Danny Burns. Doors at 6:30. ($15-20)


-Shannon Turner

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