The Foo Fighters To Host Surprise Show At Black Cat

Courtesy of Black Cat

Courtesy of Black Cat

On Friday the Foo Fighters will be returning to famed D.C. venue Black Cat to film for their new HBO series Sonic Highways. Unfortunately for the casual fan, tickets sold out within the first 90 minutes of the show’s announcement on Tuesday in a rather frantic and social media driven race to the box office.

The venue unveiled their bombshell at 2:00 this afternoon, and soon after began providing potential ticket-buyers with humorously stark play-by-play tweets outlining the next to impossible chance of one even seeing- let alone purchasing- a ticket. In response, hopefuls camped outside of Black Cat for hours in a line that spanned over a block and a half; predictably, many went home defeated.

While I have never been a Foo Fighters fan, there is no denying that Friday will be both electric and well deserved. It is only right that The Foo Fighters feature D.C. as one of the cities on their new show, which aims to highlight the evolution of American music. The District lays claim to some of the most progressive and variable punk bands of the 80’s, as well as being the birthplace of Go-go. Of mainstream musicians today, Grohl seems to be one of the more aloof in terms of appreciating music culture and the impact it has had on defining generational rifts, and I’ll guess that in addition to a spectacular show, the Black Cat will host a more somber element on Friday; one of recognition for a city that has done so much for so many.

-Elliot Greiner

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