VENUE OF THE WEEK: The Howard Theatre

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The Howard Theatre

620 T Street NW


Courtesy of The Howard Theatre

Image Courtesy of The Howard Theatre

The Howard Theatre is probably one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to; it’s definitely the cleanest. People could roll around on the floor and stand up cleaner than they were before. I was almost afraid to touch anything, fearful that I would taint such a magnificent building. But even with all of the mind-blowing splendor, The Howard Theatre has an extremely grounded feel that makes you crave for more places like this.

When I first walked up to the venue, I honest-to-god thought I had travelled back in time and was about to step into the 30s. The building itself was built in 1910 and restored only a couple years ago to its full grace and beauty. The lobby and main room both have incredibly high ceilings, making you feel microscopic in the vastness of such a place. The bar is close to the main room doors so when you actually go far enough in, the venue opens up like a clam with tons of room on the floor to go crazy with dancing. The entire building is designed to look like an old-school theater, and boy do they accomplish that.

The Howard Theatre hosts so many various events, including a weekly Sunday brunch that has a great menu of real soul food- it puts Founding Farmers to shame. They aim so far to please their customers that on their website there is a tab specifically for regular people to request an artist to come and play for them at the theatre. And with all shows appropriate for every age, they know how to draw in a crowd. Everything about The Howard Theatre just screams classy. I would definitely recommend checking this venue out because nothing else even compares.

If you’re interested in booking a show, go online at and send them a message!

Upcoming Shows:

10/20: Gregory Porter. Doors at 6. ($37.50-$70)

10/21: Mali Music – Jordan Bratton. Doors at 6. ($25-$40)

10/22: Cocoa Tea in Concert ft. Etana & Louie Culture. Step by Step Band. Doors at 6. ($25-$60)

10/23: Leisure Cruise. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Doors at 6. ($15 in advance, $17 at door)

10/24: DJ Zu. Keith Sweat. Doors at 6. ($46.50 in advance, $55 at door)


– Shannon Turner

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