VENUE OF THE WEEK: Velvet Lounge

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Velvet Lounge

915 U Street NW, DC


Courtesy of Done & Done

Courtesy of Done & Done

As far as first impressions go, Velvet Lounge’s intense grunge smacks you right in the face in a surprisingly good way. With red mood lighting everywhere and all-black furniture, you automatically think about how you should go home, change into your leather jacket and combat boots, and get a new piercing. But once your eyes adjust to the light, Velvet Lounge exudes a much more cozy vibe that by the time you go a second time, you slide into the booths in the back as if you were home.

When you walk into the building, you immediately hit some stairs. But if you’re early enough to have a drink and chill before the bands start playing, you turn right and one of the guys checks your ID before you’re allowed to step into the bar. If you’re underage like me, the best way to go is walk straight past the bar and booths in the back, all the way until you’re outside staring at a bunch of graffiti, lights, plants, and have a good cigarette.

The great thing about the Velvet Lounge is how minimalistic everything is, until you get to the art. Their website only has the bare necessities, all the shows cost $8, and the location itself barely has anything other than a couple stools, booths, and the bar. Velvet Lounge lets the music do all the talking. And when no one’s playing, the graffiti keeps the artistic feel alive. If you’re looking for a great place to rock out to literally anything, this is it.

If you’re interested in booking a show, email them at Check the website for a list of info they need.

Upcoming Shows:

10/9: Dedwax, The Great Socio, Spit Dirty. Doors at 7:30. (18+)

10/11: Toxic Moxie, Makoor, Stereosleep. Doors at 9. (21+)

10/12: The Phuss, Never Wrong, Babies with Rabies, The Screws. Doors at 4. (18+)

10/13: Ilima Considine and The Sexbots, Hudson K, Buster Britches, Shocktart Vol. 2. Doors at 7:30. (18+)

10/15: Sir Eu, Dullard, Chomp Chomp. Doors at 7:30. (18+)

-Shannon Turner