Shows to Know- The Funk Ark and Black Masala @ Black Cat -10/10

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On October 10 Black Cat will be hosting the album release of one of D.C.’s most innovative funk groups, The Funk Ark, accompanied by gypsy-brass act Black Masala. The Funk Ark has been a large part of the D.C. funk scene since its inception just a few years ago, and is known for its deep-driving funk and Afro-beat grooves that drip with a vivid sense of rhythm and drive. The seven-piece outfit’s upcoming release, Man is A Monster, is the next addition to an already stellar discography, which started with 2011’s spirited declaration, From The Rooftops. The band is remarkable for their technically stunning interplay that weaves through grooves that are as engaging as they are inventive, and culminate in a funk-rock vibe that hearkens back to the late sixties.

Black Masala is a D.C. outfit that has found success riding off of its own inventiveness. Experimenting with a flirtatious combination of gypsy punkiness and brass, the band can expertly churn an audience of awkward head-bobbers into a livened stew of aspirant dancers. Their big-band sound seems able to adapt to any venue; readily filling out the cavernous space of the 9:30 while simultaneously fitting to match the intimacy of Tropicalia. For them, no groove is off limits.

-Elliot Greiner

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