BANKS: The Goddess Herself at 9:30 Club

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“I believe every woman is a goddess.”

This is why I love Banks.

There is a simplicity and ease about her lyrics. Banks has the sexiness and suaveness to grab your attention with only the vibrato in her vocals. She sings every word with conviction and a depth that can only come from the truth behind those words. Her songs have a warmth and grace that balances the dark and twisted Fiona Apple-esque quality in tracks like “This Is What It Feels Like” and “Waiting Game”. But songs like “Stick” also include the same PBR&B vibes as artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Her tracks were produced by popular electronic meets alternative r&b artists Sohn, Shlohmo, Lil Silva, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Banks’ music is quiet and soft while being incredibly powerful. In her ballad “You Know Where I’m Coming From”, she shows anger and passion in all the right places. Her songs center around relationships, most of which she’s firmly telling off the guy who damaged her heart.Take “Goddess” for example. That song is hard hitting and dominating as it accentuates feminism . And yet, it still has this sexy, steamy sensuality about it. Which is another reason why I love her. Banks emulates the kind of woman most wish to be; she’s strong, edgy, and independent, while still being passionate, delicate and romantic.

Dressed in a black blazer and velvet skirt, Banks emanates class and sophistication. She radiates beauty while simultaneously emitting a curious eeriness. I think most are initially shocked by how natural her voice is, despite its breathy, husky qualities. Her voice is sultry and haunting but turns intense as the low synth keys hit. She eventually stripped the blazer revealing her lingerie-like lace bustier. She’d glide across the stage with elegance and swagger, losing herself in the music. The crowd swayed along, listening intensively to the her seductive words. Banks sounds like pure ecstasy.


Photo Credit: Author

Banks’ Setlist

This Is What It Feels Like
Fuck Em Only We Know
Na Na (Trey Songz Cover)
And I Drove You Crazy
Waiting Game
Beggin For Thread


-Jordan Farley

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