Riff Raff at Fillmore Silver Spring

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Photo Credit: Rolling Stone
Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

“It’s Gatorade, I swear,” fibbed what could have been a Taylor Swift video extra were it not for the fluorescent weed print socks, acid washed denim underwear, and a bralette top with the price tag hanging out (props to the Forever 21 sales associate who clocks that return today). The door guard tossed what was probably 100% pure, fresh-squeezed orange 4Loko without breaking eye contact, which was some ‘96 Chicago Bulls type of shit. Had this been the fairytale Fearless tour with waltzing Romeos and Juliets, homegirl probably would have hopped back in her mom’s Toyota Sienna real quick, blathering through broken sobs about peer pressure and learning some sort of lesson. But not this chick. They knew she was trouble when she walked in, but in a Spring Breakers understudy type of way. We weren’t here for rhinestone teardrops on anyone’s acoustic guitar, we were here for an Iceberg (Simpson, to be exact)–Riff Raff.

Following the announcement of his long awaited debut album Neon Icon, Jody Highroller decided to take his aquaberry dyed cornrows, shark tooth grill, and slider sandals, customized with his own face on them, on a 30-city tour, stopping off in DC before returning to the South. Spitting gems like “Candy fuchsia Buick, Martha Stewart transmission fluid” while a video of Milhouse pulling bong rips and his favorite ladies from Instagram flashed behind him, the Bon Jovi superfan and one time Katy Perry boo thang effortlessly pulled off one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen.

Real talk though: throughout my entire experience, he demonstrated an endearing, sincere love for the fans, shaking hands with the crowd while giving shout outs to the Hawaiian printed ensembles he looked favorably upon and doing two hours of meet and greet by the time we hopped on the tour bus. His final interview of the night before playing N64 with Jody Husky (the adorable puppy he dyed completely turquoise) or whatever it is he spends his free time doing, I caught up with the Neon Icon about smoking weed with Simpsons characters and eating crawfish with Elvis before he crooned a poignant rendition of U2’s “With or Without You” into my cracked ass iPhone.

Emily Manning: So we are here with Iceberg Simpson, rap game Eric Clapton, Jody Highroller, Mr. Riff Raff himself. How are you doing?

Riff Raff: Oh I’m doing good, you know I’m just Frosty McTosty, came through…lips Versace glossy GOT EM.

EM: Oh damn! Okay so first question we have for you: you’ve been working for 2 years on Neon Icon; you’ve got Harry Fraud, Diplo obviously, Action Bronson, and mothafuckin’ Wiz Khalifa–I came prepared–what should we expect to hear? What lane are you sittin’ in right now?

RR: What what?

EM: What lane are you sitting in? Just a lane of your own?

RR: What lane? Lois Lane GOT EM.

EM: What’s the dopest thing in your closet?

RR: My closet? Probably Jody Husky GOT EM.

EM: I know you stay eating fried okra with Oprah, but if you could eat dinner with anybody living or dead, who would it be, where would you go, and what would you eat?

RR: Elvis Presley, we would be in Wilmington, South Carolina, we would be eating crawfish discussing the album we’re gonna make GOT EM OH GOD.

EM: Excellent. Pick one: Hotbox the Springfield Elementary school bus with Otto or spend a day with Duff Man, which would you do?

RR: Me and Bart Simpson, SLURPEES…GOT EM.

EM: Not Squishees from the Kwik-E-Mart? What do you clean up Jody Husky’s shits with: Crocs receipts or Aeropostale turtlenecks?

RR: Versace baby wipes!

EM: Keepin it three hunnid. Is Bono really your dad?

RR: This is true.

EM: So true. That’s it, that’s all I got.

Mike (Riff Raff’s Manager): If you had to choose between Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese or  chicken nuggets for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

RR: *Launches into heartfelt rendition of U2’s “With or Without You”*

–Emily Manning

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