Bands you Should Know: Klauss

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Klauss sounds like a band you’ve heard a hundred times and never tired of. Their songs are light, with drums that manage to sound more melodic than percussive. Much of the band’s new release, Totems, lends itself to a vein of the indie-folk genre, but can at times also transcend the label, and delve into stronger-hitting, garage-rock waters.

Aspects of Totems sound like softened renditions of a T-Rex or Bowie tune, and come off just as successfully. This isn’t to say the music is unoriginal, but rather that Totems could almost be seen as an indie re-envisionment of the 1970s pop-rock scene. And it is this property of Klauss’ music that makes the band successful; they manage to function as an indie band without falling prey to the genre’s more uninspiring elements (bland, acoustic-heavy, pseudo pop).

Check them out on their Bandcamp and grab some of their music. You won’t be dissapointed.

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