Shows We're Stoked For: George FitzGerald at U Street

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Take a minute to reflect on all of the great musicians Britain has given the world: The Beatles, Ellie Goulding, Elton John, and Adele are just a few. The UK is also home to much of the current resurgence of house music. London born Berlin based DJ George FitzGerald is an integral factor in spreading this movement to the US. He’ll soon be headlining his first US tour, with a show at DC’s own U Street Music Hall.

If you like your house music to mix elements of techno, dubstep, and garage, George FitzGerald expertly produces tracks with these elements to create a unique, cohesive sound. His new single “Magnetic” is taking over UK dancefloors and is expected to have the same effect in the US.

After listening to his tracks and becoming a megafan, I conducted an interview with him where he discussed his upcoming album and the use of his own vocal sample on his latest single.

Are you convinced yet? A word of advice: you should all get your tickets and call it your Christmas present to yourselves! George FitzGerald hits U Street on December 20th.


–Jordan Farley

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