Lissie and Kopecky Family Band at the 9:30 Club

lissie 1
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On an incredibly cold Sunday night, I headed over to the 9:30 Club for a concert featuring the Kopecky Family Band and Lissie. Lissie, one of the more prominent singers in the recent folk revival, brought her blues flavoured folk rock to the venerable DC venue. Kopecky Family Band started things off and it was obvious by the second song that they were a great choice to open for Lissie. They got the normally stagnant crowd moving with their fun music and numerous crowd interactions. Their sound was what I’d imagine if ska music went on a date with folk music. Their sound was drum heavy, a fun and refreshing aspect of their live shows that allowed us to see the drums onstage right for a change rather than hiding behind the other instruments.

Photo Credit: Author

As Lissie came out to her show and put on her guitar, I noticed that the stage setup was incredibly minimalist which really allowed her to rock around. Belting out hits off her new album, Back to Forever, such as “Sleepwalking”, the crowd soaked the wonderful set up.

lissie 2
Photo Credit: Author

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–Samuel Lu

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