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After the release of the insanely popular single “Levels,” Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, left fans greatly anticipating his first studio length album. Strangely, after debuting previews of his tracks at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, fans began questioning his taste and follow-up singles. The album, True, out September 13th, in its entirety is completely different than any other electronic dance record currently out. It uniquely combines a variety of genres not yet explored by Bergling and other remix artists of this electronic generation.
          Avicii first gained his fame through his mainstream tracks like “I Could Be The One” and “Fade Into Darkness.” Known for his signature style of polished electronic beats, Avicii has been a main installment in the uprising of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). However, Avicii is taking this genre to a whole new level and maintaining his eclectic and diverse sense of musicality. To describe him as just a DJ or remixer would be an insult—he is a composer and a musical revolutionist.

His first single off True, “Wake Me Up,” is a fusion of bluegrass and EDM. Although criticized initially, “Wake Me Up” soon rose to the top of several international charts and has held a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 for twelve consecutive weeks. Other tracks off his new album, including “You Make Me,” “Hey Brother,” and “Shame On Me” illustrate similar country and folk influences. This is why Avicii’s album is so sincerely special. There are very few EDM songs out there like this, except for the occasional Mumford & Sons remixes, but these are all original tracks.

Avicii’s unique style is continuously represented throughout the record. He delves into classical and orchestral music in his track “Edom,” and gives a 70s groove to “Lay Me Down,” which features the vocals of pop star Adam Lambert. Through conquering alternate genres, Avicii stays true to his roots and provides addictive electronic beats. As a whole, True represents the future of EDM and how crossovers between genres can be highly successful if done with a careful and precise hand.

I can assure you that Avicii has just started a revolutionary movement in EDM. By expertly combining genres, he has opened up an entirely new avenue of exploration for other electronic talents and for his own music.

Tracks to listen to: “Dear Boy” and “You Make Me”

Review by Jordan Farley

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