Young Heart

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Blanche DuBois’ Young Heart is a stunning album of twelve accessible female singer-songwriter tracks. The project expertly mixes vocal layers and richer instrumental arrangements that strike the listener from the first play.

With music and lyrics written by Adriana and Nadija Begovich, the album “Young Heart” is an exploration of love, loss, and dreams. Though the themes of this album are cliché, listeners can feel that nothing is overproduced in this album. It’s like a personal experience the singers present to the audience. In another way, the sisters tell a story of heartbreak, acceptance and moving on. Their silky voices and story-telling way melodies add to the feeling and emotion, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Especially for a twenty something audience, the songs of the two sisters resonate with their story about love and growth. Audiences can feel that they are intertwined by the graceful pieces of the every song.

“Real Life Madness,”
with the light melodies and emotional vibrancy, tell people a story about a girl becoming strong in mind and following her heart. “Time and Time Again,” is similar, but this track also has its own surprising points. Not only it is about the feeling of being strong-minded, but also about a reborn attitude to love and life. One’s heart being full of another person will eventually pass by, and then growth or appreciation will come to you.

Sisters Nadija and Adriana Begovich try to present a vivid feeling of their emotions and on current youths’ attitudes towards life. Youths don’t only chase dreams, enjoy being loved—they also try to accept the cruel parts of love and life for the first time. The whole process can be tough, but they are always on their way to happiness by following their Young Hearts.

Review by Sophia Jin

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