Album Review: ORGANS – Headin' For The Door

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Rainbows, getting a free bus ride, quiet babies on planes: some things are too wonderful to experience on a regular basis. Innovative rock and roll also falls into this category. That’s why, when a hardworking, talented band does raise its head, audiences need to take notice. And so is the story of ORGANS, a three-piece garage rock band from Brooklyn. They graced Washington D.C.’s own DC9 on tour with The Men, another mind-blowing band with punk roots that grab hold and don’t let go. ORGANS kicked down the door for these headliners, causing every concertgoer to lower her beer and whisper, “Wow… Where did these guys come from?”

ORGANS released their debut LP Headin’ For The Door in May. Appropriately titled, this album is a declaration of independence, a ten-track foot-stomping party from beginning to end. Just lo-fi enough to qualify as “garage” but ballsy enough to tear down a party, Headin’ For The Door is a necessity for rockers of all forms looking for new tunes. It’s not only a raging good time, but it’s also melodic. The bassline in opener “Femme Cache,” for example, pulls the song up and down and all around like a roller coaster and a rip-roaring guitar solo destroys any idea that this is “just another rock band.”

This shit is loud and it’s GOOD. This is exactly what the music world needs– in a labrynth of synths, ambience, and the ever-blurring “Electronic” genre, ORGANS will knock you out, giving you the kind of end-of-album hangover that brings you back to the hair of the dog. You’ll need to hear it again and you’ll need to hear it big, live, right up in your face.

ORGANS are working hard. They’ve been touring all summer and don’t show signs of slowing down. If you’re in the New York area, catch them at Don Pedro’s for a two-night engagement August 13th and 14th. Headin’ For The Door is available at several merchants in New York, as well as online at Killer Diller records. Get all the details at

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