Soosh – "Colour is Breathe" available now!

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About a year ago, I wrote a post on Soosh, a Glasgow-based beatmaker who had really turned my head with his first self-titled EP. My first impression of his tunes was that they held a balance between groove and wonder. Since then, he has put out another four-song release called “SoFar” which had a similar vibe to it. Today marks the release of his first full length, “Colour is Breathe,” available via Error Broadcast for 6 pounds (you do the math?) at Boomkat. Vocals take much more of a role in his new tunes, which often feature contributions by his sister, Carmel Khavari. While his sound is a bit more grounded than it has been in the past, he maintains his now-signature expression of being in some unfamiliar sense of awe. Spinning this album is like finding your home planet after floating through space for years. For fans of Teebs, Bad Vibes-era Shlohmo, James Blake. Also, he’s f@*&king gorgeous. Let’s have one more look.


-Drew Bandos

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