Kopecky Family Band- A Concert Review


The KFB, all B&W

Hailing from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, the Kopecky Family band brought their folk-rock sound to the Nation’s Capitol last tuesday to a sold out crowd at DC9. When I found out the Kopecky Family Band was coming to DC, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to see them.

In the spring of 2010, the KFB played a show at my high school’s auditorium. Despite playing for a crowd of 20 or so high school students they put on one hell of a show. I promised myself I would keep up with this band; however, like all promises I make to myself, I broke it. The universe rewarded me with an opportunity for redemption, and boy, was I glad I took it.

Riding the momentum of the release of their first full length album, Kids Raising Kids, the Kopecky Family Band put on a terrific show for the sold out crowd at DC9. What they lacked in song recognition, (most of the crowd, including myself, knew only one or two songs) they made up for with energy. During the up-beat songs the Family Band, lead by singer Gabe Simon, had the whole crowd jumping until I feared the floor would give out and the crowd would fall onto the tragically empty bar underneath. Another intriguing aspect of the Kopecky Family is the myriad of instruments they played throughout their show.  Their arsenal includes trombones, keyboards, glockenspiels, cellos, and various other percussion instruments on top of the standard guitars, drums, and bass. Overall, I experienced an incredible show put on by an incredible up-and-coming band.

For those interested in checking out the Kopecky Family Band, I recommend doing a quick Spotify search as their two EPs and full length are available. Highly recommended tracks: “My Way”, “Howling at the Moon”, “Heartbeat”, and “Birds”.

Also check out their Tiny Desk Concert:


-Daniel Landsman

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