Purity Ring- "Grammy"

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Meagan James and Corin Roddick, otherwise known as the musical phenomenon Purity Ring, have done it again. Covering Soulja Boy’s “Grammy” off his album The Deandre Way, Purity Ring takes the song to a new level. Roddick’s previously expressed love for hip-hop has led him to create exciting new beats that bring a slightly upbeat tone to very melancholy lyrics. Meagan’s vocals bring the cover full-circle, changing Soulja Boy’s sharp lyrics into a sweet and innocent reflection on the restlessness of the rap game. The track is extremely catchy, and perfect to listen to while walking to class. Purity Ring previously featured up-and-coming hip-hop artist Danny Brown in their single “Belispeak II,” which was another great success. Perhaps Purity Ring should look into covering more hip-hop artists, because their electro-pop sound is a perfect fit. Check out “Grammy” below and download it here.

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