Black Moth Super Rainbow and the Casket Girls- A Concert Review

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Pounding the books too hard can crush even the biggest social butterfly back into its hermit cocoon. After a few months of an 18-credit semester, that was me. My usual appetite for fun turned into a mission to get weird. Luckily the stars aligned and the Black Moth Super Rainbow (BMSR) show at U Street Music Hall answered my freaky prayers.

The opening act did not disappoint my urge for the insane. Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, out came the Casket Girls in blonde wigs and bug-eye glasses. The two girls had vomited up early 2000s Paris Hilton tabloid culture all over themselves and it was cool. They did their best plastic ballerina impressions decked out in masks and black gloves. Someone behind me thought they looked like failed California porn stars, and they were spot-on. Listening to them jam out, whisper into the mic, and boogey down to a dance number, I couldn’t help but feel massively ironic. Their music fluctuated from “meh” to slightly above mediocre as quickly as these head banging barbies could twirl each other. At least their art performance piece was beginning to quench my weird thirst.

BMSR and the Casket Girls complimented each only as they compensated what the other act lacked. BMSR was on point with their electronically altered psych-punk, but they were remarkably average when it came to the visuals. They looked like those kids who used to chill outside of 7-11 stumbled into U st., only to find out they were talented musicians. They were so remarkably normal. Thomas Fec laid down lyrics from behind an old t-shirt (think the Wizard of OZ behind his red curtain). That was about as strange as it the performance got. The show was not at all what I expected, but the itch was scratched all the same. With a reputation like BMSR’s, playing such an excellent show so unassumingly (in sweatshirts) is the weirdest thing they could have done.



-Alex Noghaven

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