Legs Like Tree Trunks – Future Reference (free download!)


i’ll admit to my bias of getting to know these guys pretty well from playing shows with them, but this is some universally enjoyable music. their self-produced debut EP has been on heavy rotation in my life since I first got it over a year ago. on this one, however, they spent a good year or so in one of the most respected studios in philadelphia crafting these into the fleshed-out finished products you hear today.

this level of professionalism really shows in the music itself – where before they bore their influences on their sleeve (maps & atlases, beach house, maybe some this town needs guns?), here those sounds are a mere layer underneath a sound totally their own. come smile and hop around in merriment – if the free downloads on their bandcamp are up, they posted a mediafire link in the text underneath the liner notes.

-drew bandos (dj on Coast Off, thursdays 2-4)

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  1. After hearing the production and layered music, I’m really impressed with these guys. This record’s definitely going to be one I listen to a lot as well.

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