Legs Like Tree Trunks – Future Reference (free download!)

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i’ll admit to my bias of getting to know these guys pretty well from playing shows with them, but this is some universally enjoyable music. their self-produced debut EP has been on heavy rotation in my life since I first got it over a year ago. on this one, however, they spent a good year or so in one of the most respected studios in philadelphia crafting these into the fleshed-out finished products you hear today.

this level of professionalism really shows in the music itself – where before they bore their influences on their sleeve (maps & atlases, beach house, maybe some this town needs guns?), here those sounds are a mere layer underneath a sound totally their own. come smile and hop around in merriment – if the free downloads on their bandcamp are up, they posted a mediafire link in the text underneath the liner notes.

-drew bandos (dj on Coast Off, thursdays 2-4)

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  1. Ryan says:

    After hearing the production and layered music, I’m really impressed with these guys. This record’s definitely going to be one I listen to a lot as well.


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