Mirrorring – Foreign Body

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Mirrorring is a collaboration between Liz Harris of the otherworldly Grouper project and Jesy Fortino of a group called Tiny Vipers. Pay attention to how I wrote that sentence – I am obsessed with Grouper’s work and have no idea who Tiny Vipers are. So, naturally, my first thought is, “YOU BETTER NOT DILUTE THE ABSOLUTE CATHARSIS THAT GROUPER IS, JESY FORTINO. IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME.”

Luckily, this EP is excellent. If you haven’t checked out Grouper’s stuff yet, this collaboration furthers this very specific and unique sound she has going on through most of her work. She plays electric guitars tuned very low, thrown under of tons of reverb and delay, to the point where it’s barely recognizable as a guitar. She does the same for her vocals. I still have yet to check out Tiny Vipers, but one thing about this EP is an issue with cohesion. I feel like I know exactly like what Tiny Vipers would sound like just by hearing the elements that stick out from Grouper’s low-velocity style that I already know. They seem to have passed up a mixing of styles in favor of directing separate pieces. I really enjoy each song on this, but it’s kind of jarring to listen to the whole thing through because it seems to switch back and forth in songwriting style from track to track.
Despite this, it’s been on repeat since I got it, so I guess I’m just nitpicking. Foreign Body is out now on Kranky.

-Drew Bandos

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