Letlive- Fake History

I’m fully aware that I’ve missed the window of appropriate timing for an album review. I have a tendency to find out about really great releases months, even years after the fact. But ever since my friend played Fake History for me two weeks ago, I’ve been obsessed.

As much as I love post-hardcore, and most other genres that end in the suffix -core, much of the music is generic, same-y, and ultimately forgettable. Letlive’s third album is a fresh, inventive take on post-hardcore, incorporating elements of pop, indie rock, and heavy metal. The percussion work stands out as phenomenal, and the vocals remind me a lot of Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo.

For the past week, this album has been soundtrack. I’ve listened to it at work, while writing a paper, while commuting around the city, while cooking. Every song sounds great when listened to by itself, and even better when listened to all the way through from beginning to end. Makes me wish that I’d listened to this album when it first came out, definitely.


– Sara Schlosser

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