Legs Like Tree Trunks – Spring Break Required Listening (free download of their EP!)

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Download their EP for free here. This is the perfect music to spin while you’re off doing summery things over spring break. They make music that both energizes and puts one to peace. It’s happiness in its most refined form – these guys write the catchiest tunes, nailing the perfect vibe, while also having the technical prowess that one expects from a math rock group. Yet, they’re not tapping their guitars at 50 notes a second solely to show off – these are melodies that have to be played this way, and it doesn’t distract from the song itself. Their songwriting and instrumental proficiency work en tandem to make you feel awesome. And Matt Holden is gorgeous. They’re playing at foggy bottom on March 31st. It’s going to be all sorts of fun. Check out “Pushover” from the EP below.

-Drew Bandos

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