Shigeto – Lineage (Album Review / Interview)

I wanted to wait a little while for this one to sink in before I wrote about it. While I still haven’t absorbed everything that’s going on in this layered work, it’s clear that Saginaw has shifted his style towards a more organic sound, without entirely sacrificing his signature bloopy tone. I used to call his music “dope” or some other vapid term, but this “mini-LP” is just beautiful. He really ups the jazz influence he hinted at in previous works. While this was previously disguised through electronic instrumentation, it now it acts as a major element of the sound through his live drumming. Having witnessed this at his show at U street last semester, I was hoping he’d incorporate it into his new release (if you ever get the chance to see him live, DO IT. dude kills it on drums WHILE triggering samples with another hand). WRGW’s own Eliana (the deli lama) had the chance to interview him after said show, we have a recording of it here. “Lineage” is out now via Ghostly. We also put a link to “A Child’s Mind” off the mini-LP below.

-Drew Bandos (bleeps and bloops (fridays noon-2), roy g biv (midnight monday-2am))

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