What To Watch For in 2012: The Classic Crime

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I’ll admit, I’m a little biased when it comes to my 2012 pick. Having seen all of my favorite bands other than this one at least once in the last six months, I’m a bit impatient with The Classic Crime. In the absence of any East Coast dates, I’m focusing my energy on TCC’s upcoming release.

The Classic Crime entered the studio early this month, and is in the middle of recording their fourth studio release with Tooth & Nail Records. In their previous three releases, the alternative rock band has thoroughly addressed issues of faith, family, drug use, and the struggle to be a good man in a world of sin. Arguably, this was best displayed in second album The Silver Cord (an album that, curiously enough, begins with The End and ends with The Beginning), where vocalist Matt Macdonald’s vocals were kept as raw and honest as the lyrics he sings. Their most recent release, Vagabonds, was the band’s most ambitious to date, experimenting with styles and time signatures, though the result was an album that felt somewhat scattered in its attempt to encompass these changes. My hope is that they have been able to use the time since the release to combine the creativity of Vagabonds with the raw power shown in The Silver Cord. A recent tweet from the band’s twitter states that the band tracked a guitar part reminiscent of first album Albatross, something I’m sure is a push in the right direction.

It’s a new year and there’s a new album coming out. What more can a girl ask for? You know, other than some East Coast dates…

– Sara Schlosser

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