What To Watch For in 2012: Ingrid Michaelson Returns to 9:30 Club

May 9th is going to be awesome. Yes, it is in the middle of finals week and most of us will be itching to be done with school or already gearing towards the summer. So, of course, the best way to scratch that antsy itch is to get out into the city.  It just so happens that on that Wednesday night, Ingrid Michaelson will be performing at DC’s own 9:30 Club.

On January 24th Michaelson released her new album Human Again, which features the single “Ghost” released back in November of 2011. Listening to the slew of thirteen songs and two bonus tracks, the album has a distinctly darker and vindictive tone than previous ones, especially compared to the bubbly singles played on the radio or as we pass by the Gap. Even Michaelson, with an air of pride, claims that the sound is louder and quite the departure from the “cute” reputation expected.  The opening song on the album, “Fire” is a song you could find yourself running sprints to, maybe even throwing punches to (at an appropriate punching bag, of course), and certainly the song sets the tone for the entire album with other dramatic and, dare I say, angry songs throughout. You can catch a small glimpse of that pop-ish essence of Michaelson’s previous work in “Blood Brothers,” with its upbeat sound and humanitarian message that “we are all blood brothers,” but it nonetheless maintains a more mature sound. Me personally? I am totally digging her grittiness. It’s different, it’s curious, and she’s touring with it!

The prospect of this powerful, passionate music coming live to DC is enough to get me out there in May. To boot, having experienced a couple Michaelson performances before, she has an excellent performance manner, bantering with the crowd and creating intimate interactions that make an audience member forget that the room is crowded with people. I can only hope, and expect, that she will be as chatty and open during this spring tour.  For any other Ingrid fans, tickets are general admission $30.00, doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 8:15 for all ages.

Update: Concert is officially Sold Out!

Watch the Video for Ingrid Michaelson’s “Ghost”

– Brooke Talbot

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