What To Watch For in 2012: Adele’s “Comeback”

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The breakout artist of 2011 releases albums titled after the age she was when they were recorded, 19 and 21 respectively, and goes simply by Adele.  Now, if you follow current events in the music world, then you know that a few months ago, the breakout artist hit what many would called a set back. She had to undergo surgery on her vocal cords and was temporarily put on vocal rest to recover. This resulted in forcing her to cancel multiple concert dates and halt her incredibly successful tour. The media has turned this into set back into fall from grace and has constantly generated headlines talking about her comeback. The only problem is that she never really left. Since the surgery Adele has remained on the charts and shows no signs of slowing down. Her third single from 21, Set Fire to the Rain, hit number one on the charts, just last week. The album that spanned the hit single, 21, was also number one. 21 sold 95,000 copies and Set Fire to the Rain sold 185,000 copies. That on its own would be an impressive accomplishment, but when you factor in some additional information. First, 21 was released January 19… 2011. This album has topped the charts for over seventeen weeks and has been in the top ten for over a year. The album has sold some seventeen million copies worldwide. The other two singles from the album prior to Set Fire were also number ones.  So, you get it she is incredibly successful. The main reason I am looking forward to her inevitable performance at the Grammys is because this artist is so talented. At the MTV VMA, an event known for it’s outrageous antics, Adele went on stage and preformed with just a piano and a microphone. There was no crazy light show or strangely dressed dancers, just an amazing voice coming from an incredibly passionate singer. Adele draws her listeners and the simplicity of her performances make each one have an incredibly personal feeling. Adele’s performance is officially confirmed and her participation has always been  assured.  Not only is the biggest musically artist of the year, but she is nominated for six more Grammys to add to the two that she already won for 19.  Her performance was one of the most anticipated of the night, not only because of her amazing vocal skills, but also because of her absence from the stage. To find out how she will manage to top her previous performances and make her presence even more well known. But mostly, people wanted to watch her blow away any remaining notion that she was ever gone.

Kyle Anderson


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