What To Watch For in 2012: Xiu Xiu's Always

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In 2012, Jamie Stewart’s experimental pop band Xiu Xiu will celebrate ten years of existence with its tenth album, Always, coming to the U.S. March 6th on Polyvinyl Records. The first single “Hi” (currently available for free download) features driving electronic beats, Stewart’s idiosyncratic vocals, and lyrics not at all surprising for a band that titled its previous album Dear God, I Hate Myself. The single is almost an anthem for the band’s ever-growing peculiar fan base with lyrics such as: If your bed is a living hell, say Hi / If you have eaten it all, say Hi / If you have poked out your eyes, say Hi / If when you open your arms, Ferdinand gores you in the chest!

Always will feature follow-ups to two Xiu Xiu hits, “Clowne Towne” and “Black Keyboard” (“Beauty Towne” and “Black Drum Machine” respectively). Other tracks will cover abortion (“I Luv Abortion”) sexual exploitation in Chinese sweatshops (“Factory Girls”), and the murder of civilian Afghani teenagers by U.S. troops (“Gul Mudin”).

For now, you can check out the official music video for “Hi,” which features baby dolls on fire, adorable cats, and Dick Cheney’s memoir getting thrown in the trash at a bookstore:

– Jim Walls

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