New Artist: Kinnie the Explorer

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Kinnie the Explorer

“Scissor Dance,” off their upcoming self-titled. Free download!

Very rarely does a band develop their own distinctive sound on the their first release. Last April, Kinnie the Explorer put out their debut EP, “Blood, It’s on Every Wall” for free download on their bandcamp. The sound defies easy comparisons to other artists, blending a 90’s indie vibe with a layer of psyched-out guitar work found in 2000’s spacey post rock and dream pop. The band writes conventional song structures, but often in odd time signatures, with melodies that defy what one would expect to fit in the rest of the mix. The songs are equal parts catchy and experimental. The Brighton, UK group is gearing up to release their self-titled full length this February, putting out their first single, “Scissor Dance,” for free download earlier today. You can preorder the full length as a digital copy or vinyl, and pray that they’re going to play some shows on the east coast soon (tell me that picture isn’t beyond enticing).

-Drew Bandos (DJ – Coast Off; Sit Back and Dream)

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