WRGW District Radio- New Beginnings

After an extended break for the summer, I’m happy to say that WRGW District Radio is back on air for the 2011-2012 year! With our music programming spanning from bluegrass and jam bands, to progressive hip hop, garage punk, house and electronic, 90s music and more, we’re all incredibly excited with what this year has in store.

As Music Director this year, along with Specialty Director Drew Bandos, Rock Director Matt Kalan and Hip Hop Director Saeed Barhoush, I can safely say that our Music Department has some unbelievable happenings in the works this year. We’ll be featuring interviews, giveaways, in-studio performances, concerts, events and much more with both acclaimed and rising musicians and artists.

Last week, DJ Matt Kalan interviewed garage-rock sensation Bass Drum of Death, and we’ll be interviewing Alex Zhang Hungtai’s lofi ambient project Dirty Beaches, as well as sun-drenched Beach Fossils within the next week as a final nod to summer. Keep checking back for exclusive interview clips, updates, concert postings, album reviews and more.

Our revamped website at http://gwradio.com/ has links for you to check out the programming schedule for the fall, as well as pages and photo features for our DJs coming up soon!

Also, check out Dirty Beaches’ incredible, dreamy single “Lord Knows Best” below. It’ll be sure to remind you of those warm summer days, driving with the windows down, bass bumping, the wind whipping through your saltwater-encrusted hair.


– Paula, host of Sit Back and Dream, Fridays 2-4 pm EST

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