This Friday’s Dance Party w/ Ra Ra Rasputin

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DC’s dance/rock quartet: Ra Ra Rasputin

This Friday night’s show at the 930 Club is jam-packed with five great acts filling the bill, including two of our favorite local groups, The Dance Party and Ra Ra Rasputin. Some of you may have came out to see these two play back-to-back at our Friday Night Live event on campus Halloween weekend and know they can even turn a 7Eleven into a dance floor. They will be joined by Wallpaper(experimental/funky dance), K-Flay(hip-hop maestress), and DC hip-hop/soul duo lowercaseletters.

Tickets to the party: HERE

Released in September, Ra Ra Rasputin’s self-titled debut is heartfelt and danceable making each of its seven tracks noteworthy. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  1. The album begins with “Stereocutter,” a synth-bass driven dance beat that got my head bobbing immediately.
  2. Even though it’s winter, “Neon Scythe” feels like you’re driving off into the sunset after a long day at the beach, top down, wind blowing through your hair, “going on and on and on through the night.”
  3. The pulsating synths of “The Day Of” really prove Ra Ra Rasputin has “got love for you if you survived through the 80’s, the 80’s.”
  4. Female vocalist, Anna Rozzi, leads the chillest song on the album, “Electricity Through The Heart.” They’ve offered up this track to be remixed by producers/DJs so we may have something great to look forward to very soon.
  5. “Montroy”s piano driven chord progression reminds me of a cross between MSTRKRFT’s “Heartbreaker” (feat. John Legend) and DJ Mehdi’s “Pocket Piano,” which really makes it a contender against both.
  6. “Fit Fixed” has an LCD Soundsystem-like rhythm that builds very well but with the bonus of mystical melodic singing.
  7. They put their hearts out on the closing track, “Accumulator,” letting synths go wild and leaving you pondering your own troubles with love.

Listen, enjoy, and see them live this Friday at the 930 Club!

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